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1000kg CO2 every Month

1000kg CO2 every Month

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1000kg (220462lbs) of CO2 permanently and safely removed - every Month 

The amount of CO2 you've selected is removed from the atmosphere by industrial hemp and permanently, safely and sustainably sequestered in hempcrete

Your contribution - big or small - actively enables us to grow the global industrial hemp sector. This means sustainable jobs around the world and the production of hemp products that replace fossil fuels at scale. 



You will receive an official certificate with your business's name, stating the amount of CO2 you have removed. You will receive the certificate either at the end of every calendar year or the end of your subscription - stating the total amount of CO2 you have removed in the period.



You will also receive an official badge which you can add to your website. This is how you can show your customers and visitors that you are a business that takes effective steps in the fight against climate change.


🌍 To close the UN Emissions Gap and stop climate change, every human on earth would need to remove 3 tons of CO2 annually. You are doing your part.

Thank you.

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