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Short-Haul Flight

Short-Haul Flight

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Quantity is the Total of Flight Hours: 1 Qty. = 1 Flight Hour

Short-Haul Flight CO2 Emissions permanently and safely removed.

A short-haul flight typically covers distances of around 500 to 800 kilometres, lasting approximately 1 to 4 hours of flight time.

The CO2 from the duration of your flight you've selected is removed from the atmosphere by industrial hemp and permanently, safely and sustainably sequestered in hempcrete

Your contribution - big or small - actively enables us to grow the global industrial hemp sector. This means sustainable jobs around the world and the production of hemp products that replace fossil fuels at scale. 



You will receive an official certificate with your name, stating the amount of CO2 you have removed.


Green Age of Aviation

We envision a future where hemp, beyond its role in carbon credits, becomes a game-changer in sustainable aviation. Hemp-based biofuels offer a renewable, low-carbon alternative with compatibility with existing infrastructure, reducing dependence on fossil fuels. Through our hemp carbon credits, we scale up the global hemp industry, empowering farmers, support research, and fostering collaborations to meet the rising demand for Sustainable Aviation Fuel. Learn More


🌍 To close the UN Emissions Gap and stop climate change, every human on earth would need to remove 3 tons of CO2 annually. You are doing your part.

Thank you.

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Our Hemp Carbon Credits are:

  • Verified: Independent third parties verify our carbon credits.
  • Permanent: Eliminating CO2 emissions from the atmosphere for decades.
  • Measurable: We simply weigh the crop and conduct a carbon analysis for certainty.
  • Scalable: Hemp’s ability to grow in all climate zones enables scale.
  • Additional: Our customers play a key role in facilitating the extraction of atmospheric CO2.
  • Sustainable: Hemp is a super sustainable crop wich supports biodiversity and soil health.
  • Safe: No risk for health or environment - only natural processes.
  • Job Creators: You support sustainable job creation across the global hemp industry.
  • Fast: Hemp’s rapid growth enables us to offer you Carbon Credits in real-time!

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